Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dos Mas

For the past few days we have had 2 little additions to our family. Mary Addison (3) and Raylie (1) are staying with us while mom and dad are on a trip. Having already ushered 2 kids through the toddler life stage, I didn't think it would be much of an ordeal to have them hanging around for a week. Little did I know, or should I say how quickly I have forgotten, what and emotional and physical task it is to provide and care for children at such a young age. Mealtime is more like a war zone than a relaxing dining experience. Food collects in booster seats and on the floor instead of in bellies. Tumbling sippy cups, clanging silverware and messy bibs all add to the ambiance that makes everyone long for a fastfoward version of family dinner.

One bonus of this age is that kids are an instant workout. You can get olympic style training for a variety of events. Preparation for track and field is common as you chase them around the house trying to keep up with their unending energy and to protect them from 95% of the household items that are not age appropriate. Interested in hurdles? Baby gates can be found at every door way and stairway. Somehow they are strategically placed where you have to go. Anyone for power lifts? Kids can get heavy fast! Especially when you are doing repetition after repetition of baby dead lifts, clean and press and upward rows. I mean I don't know how every mom doesn't look like Jillian Michaels.

As I sit on the couch, hoping they will stay engaged with Curious George for a few minutes, I am reminded of what a blessing from the Lord children are. However, for the past few days I am also clearly reminded that it is a tall task to parent well and one that requires a lot of emotional and relational energy.

And I have only had them for a few hours in the evenings!

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