Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1/2 way

I just realized today that I am on post 18 of my personal 30 for 30 challenge. And although I am a little off pace (don't worry, I will make it up), I am quite surprised that I am approaching the finish line. So, here are a few thoughts and discoveries from my first 18:

- I still enjoying writing and posting
- I have discovered that I get stuck in "doing" the same kind of blog
- I definitely like to have deadlines, even if they are self imposed
- This is the worst possible time for me to do this. May is ridiculously busy for me with retreats, graduation festivities, preparing for 5 interns, a new middle school pastor and prep for the entire summer
- Blog entries can be anything from a thought or question to a YouTube video or song lyrics
-Posting daily has caused me to visit many other blogs which I learn from and enjoy reading
- All of life is now filtered through the lens of blogworthy or not
- I actually get excited when I figure out a topic to blog about
- And last but not least: I am ready for #30

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