Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog, Blog, Blog

During this 30 days challenge to myself (which I am still questioning) I haven't read a lot of the bogs I usually frequent. However, as my 30 days draws near to close, I thought I would mention some other blogs that I really enjoy reading:

Kevin DeYooung - Kevin is one of my favorite writers. I think he is one of the clearest thinkers and talented writers in the Church today. He continually challenges me with what he has to offer.

Merely Theological - Part of the blog series produced by the Village Church in Dallas, TX, this blog provides insightful topics from the world of theology.

Justin Taylor - Similar to DeYoung, Justin always seems to have well written, interesting posts on a variety of current, relevant topics

JR Vassar - Although JR seems to disappear from the blog world at times (I can relate) his posts are usually written towards the heart of pastors. I think he must be a really cool dude.

Mars Hill Blog - Resource Rich! Pastor Mark Driscoll and the team at Mars Hill are always on the cutting edge of what is happening with churches around the world. I consistently learn something new when visiting this blog.

Tarheel Fan Blog - Not much explanation needed here.....everyone has their vices...right?

Grace Student Ministry Blog - I am obviously bias on this one. All the latest happenings, videos, photos and random thoughts from our student ministry staff and leaders.

Challies - This dude knows books! It seems like every few days he has a very thorough book review posted. I love books so naturally I am drawn to gain his latest thoughts. The only problem is I spend too much time on his blog and not enough time reading the books he recommends.

So there is a handful of blogs that I visit on a regular basis....I would love to hear where you spend your time online?

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  1. just leaving a comment saying hi from Cordoba, Argentina. I read your post about your visit to Dallas a year ago, specifically my home church, Watermark Community. Many of your movie favorites on your profile are some of my favorites as well.
    my blog (nothing too fancy and often not paid attention to enough)