Friday, April 30, 2010


It's just about lunch time as I write, and already, life for the Keevers has been turned upside down (oops, maybe a poor choice of words). Early this morning, Kelly woke up with a bad case of the stomach virus. Since that time, our day has been a chain of mess-ups, changes and cancelations. Here is a sample of the day we didn't expect:

Dad had to do Harper's hair = She has to Wait for another day to wear it the way she wanted.
Trip to BP for a coke for Kel = Wait for 3 people to have a ridiculously long conversation
Scheduled golf match = Wait for another day (hopefully as beautiful as this one)
Getting a prescription from the doctor = Wait 2.5 hours just to have him call it in
Pick-up at Pharmacy = Wait, Wait, Wait because they can't find the order
Scheduled plans with friends tonight = Wait for another time
Trip to Allendale tomorrow = Wait for another time

So you get the picture. Wait! Wait! Wait!

The Psalms are filled with verses that command God's people to wait on him. When reading the sacred literature, I routinely blow past that word, not fully grasping what it meant to the original audience or what application it may have for me. Quite honestly, I'm not very fond of waiting (see above). I mean who is? Our society has pampered us with instant access to just about anyone or anything anywhere. Fast food restaurant, delivery services, cell-phones, and the internet have done a great job of masking the harsh reality that exist for all creatures. Over the past few hours a quote from my seminary professor Dr. Jeff Bingham has been rattling in my head. "Every time we have to wait should cause us to worship." The fact is, God alone is exempt from waiting. He created life by speaking it into existence. He heals wounds and diseases. He calms storms. And all in an instant! God is not bound by time. It's just one way we are distinct from our creator.

Instead of getting frustrated, upset and even angry over waiting, I want waiting to remind me that I am just a creature. And that no matter how technologically advanced our society becomes, I will always be bound by such limitations. But God isn't, and he never will be and that brings reason to worship our creator.

So this afternoon, and hopefully in the future, I will worship while I wait.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

30 for 30

Ok Ok! I know the title is not original. Hopefully you have had the pleasure of enjoying one or more of the entertainment nuggets airing on ESPN as part of their 30 for 30 documentary series. Some of today's best filmmakers use their gifts to highlight some of their favorite sports characters, moments and events from the past 30 years. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. These hour long episodes are truly fascinating and clearly reveal how filmmakers really can make or break a story.

However, my 30 for 30 has nothing to do with ESPN, the past 30 years, or today's best filmmakers. No, mine represents a personal challenge. Over the past 6 months I have struggled with the motivation to maintain a consistent blog. Now, in my defense, I am regularly being asked to contribute to two other blogs (, which have become a bit of a distraction. But with that said, I want to offer up no excuses and find out for myself what I really think about the world of blogging.

So, here is the challenge that I have given myself. I am going to do 30 blogs in 30 days! Why you might ask? Because I want to commit wholeheartedly in an effort to see if it's really something that I like to do, want to do, and is beneficial for both myself and others. Although there may not be an entry every single day, the goal will be to have 30 blogs by the end of 30 days. Hopefully, by the end of May I will know more about myself, my desire to write and blog. And as is the case with all thing in my life, I hope this challenge in some way, draws me closer to God, gives me a better understanding of the gospel, and points others towards Christ.

Good night. See you tomorrow!