Monday, June 29, 2009


It drives me crazy when people say "I'm busy, or I'm staying busy" when asked how they are doing, As if busyness were a virtuem emotion or feeling . So bringing up this topic is really tough for me but I can't accurately explain the past 6 weeks of my life any other way. In addition to regular office hours and routine family responsibilities, I have attended 3 graduations, 7 graduation parties, a weekend retreat for 5th and 6th graders, spent 8 days in Nicaragua, celebrated 3 birthdays, father's day, taken day trips to Atlanta and Hendersonville. During this time I have taught 21 times, sat in countless meetings and returned what seems like a bazillion e-mails.

Ok, I feel better now! I must admit that I have really enjoyed the past 6 weeks. Some of the highlights include:
* Hanging out with the kids on the Fusion retreat
* Participating in Joseph and Chelsea's wedding
* Lots of fun time and closure with our seniors (I will miss them!)
* Learning about Jesus, the church and Nicaraguan culture
* Teaching in the weekend services at Grace (always a humbling experience)

I believe that God has taught me a lot during this whirlwind of activities. I have plenty to think about, share and hopefully put in to practice. One thing is for sure. I am convinced now more than ever that I don't want busyness to characterize or control my life!